Densimeter Group Machines

Densimeter Group Machines

Densimeter Group Machines

Densimeter group is consisting of 3 different machines. The equipment is running with the pip remover.

C- TRANSFER (CONVEYOR) BAND: It transfers the seedless olive to the densimeter in order to enable the olives washed.

D- DENSIMETER BOILER: Olives of which the pips are not removed before and the other particles are eliminated in this boiler in order to separate the seedless olives from those defected ones thanks to the density difference. Olives are washed and fall onto the selection band. Pips are easily removed with By-Pass system.

E- SELECTION BAND: Washed olives are transferred onto this band and the defected ones are selected and separated by hand. It is a lightened band and has three divisions. Selected olives are transferred by a different division of the band.



  • 1200 kg/h max. capacity
  • Transfer Band
  • 550 lt boiler capacity
  • Possibility of removing pips by By-Pass system
  • Lightened selection band 2500×500
  • 380 V
  • Electrical engines 0,25-0,55-0,75
  • Ip 65 plastic electrical board
  • Stainless pump with 1″ output
  • AISI 304 Crni body
  • PVC band in compliance with FDA
  • Boiler Dimensions (mm) Width: 790 Length: 1710 Height: 2350
  • Transfer Band Width: 220 Length: 1940 Height:1940
  • Selection Band Width: 750 Length: 2000 Height:2250